Scout’s Story

Scout Cowan was diagnosed with TGA, PDA & ASD.
When Scout was 8 weeks old I noticed he wasn’t thriving. He was only 9lbs at his 6 week appointment and his birth weight was 8lbs13oz. It wasn’t until 8 weeks when the family doctor noticed the blue tint in his face. From the doctor’s office we were then rushed to Regina (3.5hours away) by ambulance stopping in Estevan to pick up a paramedic.
Scout’s oxygen was only reading 63%. Once we were in Regina it was mayhem. Nobody knew or had seen a baby with such low Oxygen days. After many tests, the Cardiologist ( who just happened to be in Regina) gave us the diagnosis.
We were in shock and sick with fear.
We spent the night in Regina NICU and then headed to Saskatoon the next day. Scout was scheduled for a Cardiac Cath procedure which would keep him alive until he could have the big surgery as the hole in his heart which was keeping him alive was almost closed over. First thing in the morning Scout was prepped for surgery and we waited outside the operating room. The cardiologist burst through the doors and said, “Stop! They want Scout in Edmonton as soon as possible!” It was a scene straight out of Hollywood!
So off we headed to Edmonton (12 hours away from home.) We arrived Friday night and Scout was first case Monday morning as his surgery at this point was an emergency. Dr.Ross performed the surgery and 8 hrs later Scout came out hooked to many many tubes and machines, one included the L – VAD. He was then put into his own special room in PICU. We were told prior that these rooms were only for severely critical cases. Scout spent 12 days on the LVAD to which another surgery was needed to remove it.
Scout developed a severe case of Chylothorax to which he had two large chest tubes. We had many complications with tubes being ripped out which resulted in a collapsed lung and several more nights back in PICU. Along the way Scout developed a clot in his leg which led to blood thinners. After 2 months in Edmonton we were released. Scout still needed two needles of blood thinner a day for the next few months, which I administered. Scout was breast fed prior to being diagnosed so therefore I pumped while were in hospital. It wasn’t until 4 months later he was able to nurse again. We traveled back to Edmonton 2 months later to meet with the thrombosis team to find out the clot was gone!
Scout only sees a paediatrician once a year as well as the cardiologist once a year! We were extremely fortunate our family doctor picked up on this and we are so blessed to have the outcome we did. Scout is now going to be 7 years old and is a thriving little boy!

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